%Blog_Topic%: An exciting honor, and good reading too!

%Blog_Topic%: Back in the Swamp

%Blog_Topic%: Now it can be told

%Blog_Topic%: Signing In

%Blog_Topic%: Back in the US

%Blog_Topic%: Dinan, June 19-28

%Blog_Topic%: Tregastel and Dinan June 18-21

%Blog_Topic%: Nantes June 14, 2013

%Blog_Topic%: Dinan 11-13, 2013

%Blog_Topic%: Uh oh

%Blog_Topic%: Dinan June 9 & 10

%Blog_Topic%: Dinan June 6-8, 2013

%Blog_Topic%: Dinan June 4 & 5, 2013

%Blog_Topic%: Dinan, June 1 2013

%Blog_Topic%: V ernon & Giverny May 31, June 1

%Blog_Topic%: Paris, May 29 & 30, 2013

%Blog_Topic%: France May 27 & 28: Auvers sur Oise

%Blog_Topic%: Friday, May 3! Openings!!

%Blog_Topic%: Allahpattah Redux

%Blog_Topic%: Construction!

%Blog_Topic%: Plein Air Richmond 3

%Blog_Topic%: Plein Air Richmond 2

%Blog_Topic%: Plein Air Richmond 1

%Blog_Topic%: David Kassan Figure Demo

%Blog_Topic%: Being judged at Richmond

%Blog_Topic%: Plaster Cast drawing

%Blog_Topic%: Milford, Ohio

%Blog_Topic%: Best in Show!!!

%Blog_Topic%: Valuable

%Blog_Topic%: Thanksgiving 2010

%Blog_Topic%: Studio Made Over

%Blog_Topic%: Minimalism

%Blog_Topic%: Studio Makeover continued

%Blog_Topic%: Studio Makeover! Yikes!

%Blog_Topic%: Plein Air Pleasures

%Blog_Topic%: Sorolla's Studio: On Wings of Art

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