Studio Makeover continued

Lots of progress in just two days! My friend Lonnie was available to help me, and yesterday we got everything out of the studio!

There it is, in as chaotic a state as it ever has been, on the start of Tuesday morning. But, with time, we got to this, across the room. Look! The carpet has nothing on it!! You can actually see the corner!

And this is why you shouldn't have a carpet in an art studio if you are a pastellist. Ugh.

We got it up, out to the curb, and put down the underlayment. It actually went pretty quickly and was done by early afternoon today. Here's Lonnie sweeping up. Look at that Great Plain of Possibilities!

Now comes the glue for the sheet vinyl. We thought it would smell awful. It smelled kinda fishy, but wasn't really too bad. But I got it all over my hands, kneeled in it and thought I would be forever glued to the floor, got it on my face, on my wrists, everywhere. Happily, it comes off with soap and water if hasn't dried. Good thing, or I would have had to have been surgically detached from my floor!

And finally, about 8 pm, the floor was down and we were smoothing it out. Voila! Now, any bets on how long it stays clean???

Coming next week: CABINETS!!! Wow!

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